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The qualified certification guidelines research and analysis

Date:2015-9-7 Views:1069

At the customs and economic support according to eu rules formulated by the administrative departments of market supervision guidelines, "European conformity certification guidelines" is published for the first time. The European machine tool technology cooperation committee, head of Mr DagJacobson pointed out: "the guidelines from the industry itself, we hope it can to promote and guarantee the production safety, for manufacturers to create a European internal market environment of fair competition." 

Through fair competition to promote the ec market credibility 

Across Europe are using metal processing machine tools in manufacturing field, they all have to comply with European standard strict security production personnel health and safety regulations. In addition, by implementing the provisions of the European standard, accelerate to industrial production to minimize impact on the environment of the target. Ec internal law, market admittance of the requirements for industrial machinery, emphasize only can meet the requirement of the basic requirements of the machine in the ec market. 

In terms of market regulation, in one of the most important aspects of the market is to ensure effective execution of ec law. Within the scope of the European Union effectively and uniformly, to implement these provisions to ensure the eu internal market credibility. The European machine tool manufacturers for people a lot of money every year and time to ensure the machine in accordance with the provisions of the eu. As a result, they are asking to encourage implement strictly protect the health of the standards, and in terms of safety as the center under the conditions of fair competition, instead of encouraging to implement these standards with minimum cost. Effective market supervision is the key to fair competition. 

However, so far, the supervision of the single market is mainly focused on both consumer goods and consumer protection, while ignoring the regulation of capital goods. January 2010 implementation of the "new legal structures," the purpose is through the integration of market regulation in the member states of specialized resources and improve the management level of cooperation, strengthen for both consumer and capital goods market regulatory framework. This is from the situation a meaningful step forward, but so far the implementation effect is not obvious. European machine cooperation committee called on its members earnestly implement the "new legal framework". The results of fair competition is to encourage innovation and competition, and innovation and competition as the two main goals of economic growth have been listed 2020 European strategy. 

Machine tool industry should abide by commitments to production safety and environmental protection 

Mr Jacobson said: "I think in legal application support in enforcing the internal market, namely to promote the process of implementing the new legal framework, the industry can play a role as well. Now, the European machine cooperation committee are take this responsibility. Effective market regulation as well as strengthen the management ability, regulators, the customs authorities, and close cooperation between the industry. Therefore, we have decided to published by the European machine cooperation committee European conformity certification guidelines, let stakeholders share our expertise." 

The machine cooperation committee, these certification marks used in machine tool industry and consistency of guidelines will be aroused in the public and private stakeholders to improve basic requirements for health, safety, environmental protection, encourage manufacturers to abide by the laws of the European Union both inside and outside Europe. Safety and environmental protection is the European manufacturers shall comply with the principles of two. European machine cooperation committee promote the use of highly safety and environmental protection in line with European standards of modern, efficient machine tools. 

The guidelines will not only the basic requirements of stakeholders, but also provide practical guidance. European machine cooperation committee prepared in conformity with the terms of community quick table, to help the machine's approval, the approval of the machine will be labeled as European unity of qualified certification. 


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