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Strengthen the innovation ability is the development direction of China's machine tool industry

Date:2015-9-7 Views:1073

The innovation of the machine tool industry for the better and faster development, should speed up the machine tool industry enterprise system reform and mechanism innovation, can enhance the survival ability, establishing diversified perfecting enterprise system. 

Under the national industrial policy and industry planning guide, fully give play to the role of market mechanism, improve production software and hardware products specialized precision adjustment, to alter the numerical control machine tool development space. Domestic feature development lag block machine tool industry development, first of all, is relatively backward technology progress; Second, is the development way lay particular stress on scale expansion. At present the basic characteristics of the machine tool industry is big but not strong, the main contradiction is the acceleration of the domestic market demand structure upgrade and industry supply capacity does not adapt. 

We will accelerate the establishment of a CNC machine tool research is focus on enterprises, establish and improve enterprise technology research and development team, to accelerate the development of high-grade varieties of CNC machine tools, to strengthen the construction of talent team, cultivate high-tech personnel and skilled workers, to improve the numerical control machine tool industry technology innovation ability, is the development direction of machine tool industry in our country. 


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