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Blade mould and machine tool equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance was established

Date:2015-6-29 Views:1129

Maanshan bo hope the new blade mould and machine tool equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance founding conference in bo hope new district management committee, the provincial department of science, the municipal science and technology bureau, bo hope new city leadership alliance member unit, anhui engineering university, jiangnan university, hefei university of technology, anhui university of technology and so on eight scientific research colleges and universities attended the meeting. Discussion at the meeting by the articles of association of the league, elected by the union of the first director and deputy director, director, secretary and deputy secretary general suggestion list. Maanshan central Asia machine tool manufacturing co., LTD., legal representative, chairman Xu Ji treasure was elected to the alliance, chairman of the council of the first, Xu Ji treasure the director made a gesture to speak at the meeting: 

A seriously fulfill their duties, to increase the scientific and technological innovation 

In strict accordance with the articles of association of the alliance and the agreement, carry out all work earnestly, accept supervision from the leaders and members of the council, proactive. 

Second, build public platform, realizes the resource sharing. 

Continue to build heat treatment, inspection, numerical control technology and other related public service platform; Actively undertake national, provincial, municipal declaration of related issues, participate in the revision of the relevant technical standards; Establish alliance resource, realizes the resource sharing and effective use; Strengthen the technical training, promote the proliferation and transformation of technological achievements. 

Third, giving full play to the advantages of members, the breakthrough industry bottlenecks. 

Give full play to the role of the strategic alliance, and solve the blade mold and common technical problems in the process of machine tool equipment industry development and industry development bottleneck; Carry out strategic joint research and development, the key technology to solve technology and industrialization of problems in the development of industry, for the purpose of alliance innovation target. 


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