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Hydraulic bending machine

WC67K Twisted axis CNC bending machine

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Whole  steel  welded  structure,with  internal  stress eliminat-

ed  by vibration  aging technology, high strength and good rig-

idity;Torsion bar with hydraulics;

Integrated hydraulic system, upper  transmission,  pressure
control for  adjustment of tonnage;
Removement foot-pedal  switch and  emergency stop button;
Segmented upper punch,multi-V die;
Back gauge and Upper ram  travel  automatic  control, micro
adjustment by manual and digital displayer;
Oblique steel solid deflection compensation device is adop-
ted for upper punch;
International standard electrics and switchs;
Can  euip  kinds  of  NC  controllers:Estun E21/E200,Delem
DA41,Maper HT072,Elgo P40 ect.
Control axes:Upper  ram(Y-axis),Back gauge(X-axis)
  Standard Equipments
Main Motor:Siemens China
Hydraulic valver:Rexroth Germany
Pump:hangFa China/SUNNY USA
Main electrics:SCHNEIDER
Babb screw:Hiwin Taiwan
Seal ring:DZ Taiwan/NOK Japan
Manual adjustable front support
  Parameters of Hydraulic Press Brake-Conventional
    Pictures for reference

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