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Maanshan central Asia machine tool manufacturing co., LTD is the chairman and general manager of Xu Ji treasure comrade was founded in 2001, the early stage of the enterprise in shandong teng state machine tool factory production sales in factory cooperation way. 2001 villages and towns government sincerely invite, home business, and get the first block 30 mu of land development, founded at the beginning of the building about 3000 square meters, office building 600 square meters, staff only 20 people. Formal production sales in 2002, due to the company development strategy, service in place, the right product in the market to promote smooth, just two years appeared in short supply 

In 2005, with the increasing market demand, and the national economic life to the requirement of increasing the quality of technology, countries continue to increase the support to technological upgrading, and the company should be decisive expand covers an area of 100 mu, a registered capital of 32 million yuan. To guarantee and stronger to do big goals, in 2005, the newly built workshop about 2005 square meters, with a total area of nearly 15000 square meters, at the same time for full production capacity and technical indicators, acquire qiqihar clips produced more than five hundred ten thousand yuan worth of processing capacity for X 6 m, Y axis 3 meters large CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, single more than one million yuan worth of Oriental machine tool plant production planer, gantry milling machine, etc. Because of business decisions in place, the development in the right direction, fully grasp the market opportunity, in this year, the central Asian companies off sales are more than 50 million yuan, become the outstanding from behind of maanshan forging industry and reputation spread far, attract many foreign manufacturers to provide OEM service factory negotiate, opens the moving towards the international market. Due to steady and rapid development of the central Asia company was rated as private technology enterprises in anhui province. The speeding up of global economic integration, the continuous increase of market demand, the company production capacity will increase steadily, and enterprises according to their own development needs, the adjustment of industrial structure is put forward "walking on two legs" approach to development, continue to strengthen domestic sales layout and advance international market under the premise of good feedback, in July 2007 formally established the international trade development of overseas markets and direct export trade, and the success of six months successfully develop overseas market, 5 countries and regions in which the products are sold to European market for the first time, total sales at home and abroad to exceed 70 million yuan, an average annual growth rate of 20%. In order to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and enhance viability of sustainable development enterprises, the company stepped up efforts to in line with the future market demand of technical upgrading and new product research and development, the company of the electro-hydraulic servo CNC bending machine and electro-hydraulic servo CNC shearing machine for anhui province department awarded the title of high-tech products, with the end of the two products in anhui province science and technology achievement award; CNC hydraulic sheet metal bending machine won the award for the provincial key new products, enterprise technology centers recognized by the company research and development institutions was named the city. 

In 2008, the rise of central Asia company in a crisis, for the first time sales reached one hundred million yuan, 50% year-on-year growth, profit tax of 15 million yuan, total employment of 250 people. Affected by the us subprime crisis outbreak of the global economic crisis has spread to all industries, the global economy suffered a heavy blow. Instead of panic, in this case, the enterprise has to do all kinds of the before, ideas, the right direction and breakthrough point, to explore emerging markets as the goal, to avoid the crisis. After the economic crisis, the country quickly issued a variety of economic stimulus plan and supporting policies, enterprises to actively seize and grasp the policy direction, will promote the company's products in this particular industry's market share has increased, volume has not fallen, such as the domestic real estate market, led to the doors and Windows processing to the strong market, and the doors and Windows processing equipment mainly for the shearing machine, bending machine, but because of the doors and Windows processing irregular change, so the processing of Windows and doors bending machine and standard products have bigger difference, has its own particularity, the company in a short period of time is developed for such customer doors and Windows processing universal bending machine, shear folding machine in sales of most 14 sets of annual sales of nearly 10 million yuan, also positive attention and successfully enter the electric lamp tower manufacturing, and expand the customer base of automobile and engineering machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding industry, with nearly 20 million yuan of sales value added to the company. 

In order to ensure the company has export target plan is not affected by the us subprime crisis, to strengthen and improve product quality as the premise, to optimize the operation function is simple for auxiliary products, increasing product and brand publicity, instant seized by the subprime mortgage crisis and the subprime mortgage crisis smaller markets, strengthening the development of direct user at the same time, rather than export market only dealer cooperation method, the direct exports is break through millions of us dollars, directly between the total export volume of more than $three million, ranked the top industry cluster in the same industry. With the right decisions in the company can smooth out the most critical moments of crisis, the company did not hold fluky psychology, but the pursuit of victories, holding the strong determination to become bigger and stronger, but also for the sake of a positive response to the call of municipal party committee and municipal government investment promotion and capital introduction and enhance competitiveness of the enterprise technology, brand, market, central Asia company in enterprise investment through sincere hard negotiation, finally with world famous shearing machine bending machine manufacturers, Singapore KRRAS company cooperation agreement, the overall introduction of KRRAS company advanced equipment, technology and management team, fusion of its sales channels and brand, under the government's strong support, and through the efforts of all staff, and in a very short period of time to get the win-win results. 

To protect soft power can give full play to the due benefits, accelerate the reform of enterprise product technology upgrades, new projects to develop new product construction, the company in 2008 to expand covers an area of 130 mu, the newly built workshop 15000 square meters, add install a nearly $ten million worth of processing capacity of X 20 m, Y axis 5 m large CNC floor-type boring and milling machine, a single value of one million yuan (Taiwan high-end CNC machining center, Oriental machine tool plant planer, gantry milling and other equipment. After the introduction of foreign advanced technology and the expansion of the central Asia has become a industry cluster in the largest, most complete equipment, technical strength of the strongest shear folding machine tool manufacturers, which have include a single crane lifting capacity of 125 t synthesis can be thought of as the country has the largest in the industry. 

Hardware and software of the continuously strengthen enterprise's overall competitiveness and sustainable development power, product quality to drive the promotion of the market, market, and so did the promotion enterprise's brand, the brand opens the promotion enterprise's product technology development again, in addition to the hard economic returns and social benefits is also very obvious, such as by the end of the 11th five-year plan, the company and the product is evaluated and awarded: anhui province high and new technology enterprise, enterprise technology centers recognized by the province, anhui province high quality shear folding machine and blade mold production demonstration area demonstration enterprises, standardization good behavior in anhui province certificate, provincial credit unit contract, the anhui province famous trademark, brand-name products in anhui province, anhui province tax credit units, enterprise technology centers recognized by the maanshan city, anhui science and technology awards, maanshan shear folding machine export base, etc. The implementation of brand strategy that not only did we get technology bring better quality, but also a strong promotion of the central Asia machine tool brand and a broader awareness, to develop a bigger market group has injected new vitality. 

In 2010, total assets of 150 million, production and marketing value double breaks through 150 million yuan, pay taxes of nearly 8 million yuan, profit of about 15 million yuan, the total exports of $6.5 million, directly between the introduction of foreign technology to develop products exports of $3 million, the top of industry cluster's export industry, export destination more than 50 countries and regions, and in some countries has been formed with high market share. In economic and social benefits achieved rapid development of enterprises at the same time, we began to focus on continuously developed new products, new technology of intellectual property protection, at present a total of 10 patents, authorized eight independent research and development, intellectual property rights transfer mode for item 2, 22, and patent application for plan in three years the total number of 30, including eight invention, achieve hundred independent research and development. 

In 2011, the company made a five-year development plan, brand, technology upgrading, project research and development as the leading factor, enhance the overall strength and competitiveness. While tightening monetary policy in the second half of 2011 countries of the slow economic development, shrinking market is bigger, but because of the company before based on the technology, the implementation of high, refined, sharp project as the leading factor, to ensure that the downturn in the market of a small group of customers with high value products purchasing power loss, 2011 annual output value 180 million yuan, sales of 150 million yuan, profit tax of 22 million yuan, both inside and outside type basic flat with the previous year, $9.4 million total exports continue to held inside the top export industry base.